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Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation : Tierra Lorenzo Lipa For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 4,900,000 37.41 Other Cuts Available
2 Bedroom ₱ 6,800,000 52 Other Cuts Available

There are a whole lot of reasons to make your investment in these residential establishments. If you invest in it now it could give you real value for the investment that you make. It is already one of the hottest real estate properties in the city of Lipa. And this value is bound to shoot up to great heights in the near future. 

Another reason is that it is located in a lovely and peaceful neighborhood with thoroughfares and stores selling all you will ever need here. This area is the very lifeline of the entire city. It is located in a strategic position on prime land close to all that is dear to you as well as to the places that you need to make it through everyday life. It is also close to some of the major tourist areas and it is one of the major business and commercial hubs. It is located in a prestigious area and it is the pride of the residential community in this city as well as in the whole Philippines. 
These residences also offer residents common amenities and facilities apart from the ones mentioned above. These common amenities includes all day dining facilities, VIP Room services, a grand ballroom for dances, get-togethers and parties, meeting rooms for businesses and conferences, gift shops, concierge services, function rooms for holding of festive celebrations, parties and fun time, a game room which is equipped with various kinds of games like table tennis, caroms board games, pole tables and several other indoor games. There are also basketball and tennis courts for professional players to practice as well as other to play a leisurely game.

There is also a huge library with all of your favorite books and books from various authors from all over the world. This library lends you its books only for residents and members of this library. You get to choose books from a whole lot of genres and types. The library is large with lots of collections. It also displays its very own collection of numerous magazines and the latest newspapers as well as oldest editions and collections of newspapers, books, digests, and more.

It is also equipped and provided with its very own refreshing and soothing spa for both men and women. The fitness center is common for all residents with the most modern fitness equipment. These residential communities have their own privacy for each section and complete exclusivity. Residents get to enjoy the same tranquil and serene environment everywhere you go. 

Every residential unit that is purchased comes with its very own appliances and deliverables just like a five-star hotel. Along with your suite unit, you also get the entire collection of impressive designs and artwork that went into the making of the rooms, mini ref bars, ironing board and a flat ironing box, drawers, hangers for hanging clothes, and lots more. So hurry up and wait no more. Make your investment in Tierra Lorenzo Lipa, today.

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